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Gambling Fallacy

The Fallacy of Winning in GamblingPeople often have inaccurate perceptions about random processes. For example, basketball fans and players tend to believe the chances of an individual player scoring a basket are greater if the player was successful in making previous shots (i.e., streak shooting). ...

Linguistical Determinism

Linguistic Relativism and Linguistic Determinism AnalysisBenjamin Lee Whorf, a student of the noted anthropologist and linguist Edward Sapir, was a fire insurance investigator as well as a linguist. He was struck by the way that labels could influence people’s behavior. Which is more ...

Plato and Aristotle

Plato and Aristotle Worlds’ AnalysisThe Platonic method of philosophizing can be described as the method of modeling the properties of existing beings on the abstractions of the human intellect. In other words, it is the method of thinking that being takes its characteristics as being from ...

A Journey for Remembrance and Forgiveness

Strength in what remains: A journey for Remembrance and Forgiveness is a novel written by Tracy Kidder. She writes a story that covers a tale of Deogratias who was a young medical student from a central African nation called Burundi. Deogratias was forced to flee Burundi into a terrifying journey ...

Cornell West

Cornell West is a man who is renowned for his two major roles. First of all, he is a philosophical, religious and an African American scholar. Besides the world of academics, he is an intellectual provocateur. This means that he has participated in various lectures, at rallies and in movies like ...

David Hume

      David Hume took the genuinely empirical elements in the philosophy of Locke and Berkeley, rejected some lingering metaphysics from their thought, and gave empiricism its clearest and most rigorous formulation. Hume’s most original and influential ideas deal with the ...

Descartes’ Dream Argument

Descartes published Meditations on the First Philosophy in 1641, describing his metaphysical belief system. The publication consists of six sections, each written as a meditation during six separate, consecutive days. His intention was to prove that his knowledge was true and not an illusion. He ...

Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion

Hume in the ‘Dialogue Concerning Natural Religion’ reflects on the possibility of the religious believes in being rational. Hume has a belief that experiences cultivate the knowledge. Therefore, he is an empiricist since experimental evidences convey a belief. The main challenge is ...

Egoism versus Categorical Imperative

An ethical dilemma pertains to the presence of an apparent conflicting situation between one or more imperatives in which a person’s fulfillment of one imperative leads to the transgression of the other. This is what Ms. Hale found herself in, one week later, after the night she received a ...


How might an Empiricist Best Test His Subjective Impressions Empiricism is the rational theory that experience obtained through observation and experimentation is a source of knowledge. From an empiricist point of view, only information obtained by person with his or her sense is of essence when ...

Health Care Policy

Statement of problem In the United States of America, small businesses are known to have contributed enormously to the economy. This is because of the employment opportunities that could otherwise not exist if the small businesses were not in operation. However, the health care system prevailing at ...

History of Philosophies

History of Philosophies What is the craft Gorgias practises? Is it really a craft or something else? What is the difference between a craft and a knack? Gorgias is a person who teaches oratory with the means of a dialogue. The craft Gorgias practices is not only a craft, but a knack as it seldom ...

How Can Teachers Help Students to Develop a Sense of Value

Teachers play a great role in every child’s life; if they give the best for their students, it stays with the students during their whole life. Unfortunately, there are teachers who do not care to find a ‘God’s sparkle’ in every child, but on the contrary, do all their best ...


Self-Reliance And Individualism In recent decades of Emerson and Thoreau scholarship, there have been primarily two ways of situating the political orientation of their and especially Emerson’s writing: the first, and most widely held, proclaims Emerson’s status as an architect of ...

John Stuart’s Philosophy

The core ethical concepts and questions of philosophy include freedom, liberty and happiness. According to John Stuart’s theory, the moral action evaluation is with respect to the consequences the action has to the society. Any individual in the world has the right to do what he wants as long ...

Liberal Arts

Professional vs. Liberal Arts: A Critical The debate between the relative value of a pure liberal arts education and one that combines the liberal arts with professional experience has been fueling academic fires for decades. Some believe that the debate has no place in the modern academy. ...

Meaningful Life

Over the years, man has been greatly concerned with his life and its meaning, and on the two genetic lines especially, that of the hero and that of the saint. In that case, man has been keen to address all issues which might be influencing this issue by addressing all elements which have direct ...

Metaphysics and Epistemology

            Epistemology is the philosophical investigation into the nature of knowledge and justified belief produced by means which are reliable in the circumstances. Epistemology primarily addresses the following questions: “What is ...

Nasser’s Philosophy of the Revolution

Egypt had a monarchical system of government before 1952, under King FaroUS. The monarchical system of government had a strong connection with the British government, hence, hindered Egypt from attaining full independence. The 1952 coup helped to overthrow the monarchy, thus, transforming Egypt ...

Plato’s Conception of Justice

Unlike the Greek philosophers, who traditionally defined justice as a range of behavioral patterns, Plato described justice as a structural entity that consists of individual and political justice. For him, individual justice is to be found in the structure of the human soul, whereas political ...

Relationships Do’s and Don’ts

Letter of Advice Dear Mary and John, Interpersonal and personal conflicts in communication can be solved with self-concept development and maintenance, and strategic communications. This will help you to realize and understand the interpersonal impacts on culture and gender. In this case, without ...

Research Philosophy

Question 1 Weinberger in his article is criticizing works of various philosophers and their approach to science. However, his critics are not in a negative form; they are informative of the situation modern science is taking and variables behind the progress and failures. The main point that ...

Sigmund Freud’s Theory of Personality

Sigmund Freud used to be a medical doctor who specialized in neurology; his ideas of the psychoanalytic theory emanated from his work with patients suffering from mental disorders. According to Freud, personality consists of three structures, which include the Id, ego, and the superego. The Id ...

Teachings of Socrates and Sophists

Socrates advocates for a method of teaching that entails a lot of questioning in order to provoke rational thinking. He proposes the use of probing questions to be used in discussions, which through induction will lead the learner to the probable conclusion of the discussion at hand. While using ...

The Renaissance

The Renaissance The “rebirth” of art, religion, and education in Europe is known as the Renaissance. We shall begin the study of the Renaissance with the last quarter of the thirteenth century. Not that the Middle Ages ended at this time and that then the Renaissance, in all its ...

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