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How to write an academic research paper?

A research paper presents the results of students' investigations on a selected academic topic. Based on student's own thoughts and the facts and ideas gathered from a variety of academic sources, a research paper is a writing that exclusively belongs to the person composing it.

There are a number approaches to conducting research in the academic research papers composing and many ways to document findings while composing an academic research paper. It is important to follow constantly and precisely a recommended format that is clear and concise and that has been approved by your teacher.

Once student's topic has been approved, this person must begin to gather writing information from authoritative reference sources: pertinent books, encyclopedias, and articles in magazines, journals, and magazines. Important new resources in academic research papers writing are now available to students through electronic services which provide many professional writing, learning and reference tools as well as access to the Internet, where students can often discover an abundance of information on their academic research papers composing. As students examine each source, they should make a separate note of each fact or quotation they might desire to use in the academic research paper. Unless students are really good at working with genuine text at the computer or laptop, it might be shrewd to use index cards when preparing notes on the academic research paper. Be sure to recognize the writing source of the information on the listing (include the author's name and page number on which the academic research paper information appears). Students should attempt to summarize the information in their own words (paraphrasing); use quotation marks if you copy the information exactly. This rule should apply whether one is copying a great deal of material or only a phrase. Give each listing a simple descriptive heading.

Using an outline will definitely help students organize their academic research paper writing material and can also help them in their general writing processes. It can also make students aware of material that is not really relevant to the purposes of their academic research paper or material that students have covered before and should therefore be removed. No plagiarism whatsoever. Students cannot use plagiarized material while preparing their professional academic research paper. Using someone else's ideas or phrasing and representing those ideas or phrasing as our own, either on purpose or through carelessness, is a serious offense known as plagiarism.

Ideas or phrasing includes written or spoken material, (from whole papers and paragraphs to sentences, and, indeed, phrases) but it also includes statistics, lab results, art work, etc. Someone else can mean a professional source, such as a published writer or critic in a book, magazine, encyclopedia, or journal; an electronic resource such as material students discover on the World Wide Web; another student at our school or anywhere else.


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