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How to write a book report?

Choosing a Book

If the teacher has assigned a specific book to read, students may skip this section and move on to reading The Book Section. If students are able to pick the book of their choice they must first decide whether they want to read fiction or non-fiction. Questions that one should ask him- or herself are, "Do I love reading history books, or do I prefer novel reading?" "What gives me greatest pleasure in reading?" If students write a book report on a book which they dislike several problems arise. Firstly, a student of any academic level is not going to enjoy writing a report on such a book. Secondly, this report is going to be almost completely negative. That's why it is very crucial to choose a book for writing a book report very carefully.

Reading the Book

In the shove and commotion of modern everyday life the simple enjoyment of reading a good book is often forgotten. There is nothing easier yet more pleasing than sitting down in a favorite place to read. Students should find somewhere quiet and private where students are unlikely to be disturbed. They should attempt to choose the place where they can be transported into the world of the book with a minimum of distraction. It is fine to read the book in a single sitting, or one can read it over a number of days. It is crucial not to make oneself read a set number of pages or chapters every day. This can make the reading a chore. Students should read as much as they are comfortable with and then put the book down until they are ready to start again.

The Outline of the Book Report

Once the student have ready the selected book, the next step is to organize what this person is going to write about it in the book report. Writing the basic elements down in an outline format will help students of various academic levels to organize their thoughts .Students should follow whatever instructions the teacher or professor has given them.

The Draft and the Final Report

The Draft

Students' draft will be a fleshing out of the ideas from the book report outline. Students of various academic level should not worry about being too neat as no-one else will be reading this part of the work. They can write additional notes in the margins but attempt to make sure that, when they come back to write the final book report, they can understand the exact order of their material.

The Final Report

If students have taken the advice on these pages into consideration they should be ready to write their final book report. It's crucial as well as professional to methodically familiarize oneself with the draft writing it down as the final book report. All of the book report revisions should have been made on the draft so the job now is to make sure that the arrangement is correct. Students should also confirm the grammar and your spelling. The general rule is that typed book reports look better than handwritten ones. They are easier for the instructor to read and they are easier for students to correct.

Book report Section 2

Book report sample essay: Robert Burns' Poem Analysis The bicentenary of Robert Burns' birth provides an excellent opportunity for re-examining current critical judgments upon his poems. Some of the most popular of these can be traced back to the late nineteenth century, and in particular to Angellier, the greatest of all Continental students of the poet, who in 1893 put forward the view that "Burns was the culminating point in a native literature which now seems at an end" (Ferguson 45). He was the most glowing, the most succulent, and the last fruit on the highest branch of the old Scottish tree. It is not Burns who speaks in "The Auld Farmer's Salutation" but a character whom he has projected, and the poem is primarily a naturalistic sketch whose source is a gently humorous and pathetic appreciation of personality and mood. The life of man and beast has been a shared struggle on the road and in the fields, from which the main values to emerge are independence, companionship and sheer survival against odds:

Monie a sair darg we twa hae wrought,
An' wi' the weary warl' fought!
An' monie an anxious day I thought
We wad be beat!

The horse, man's comrade in the life-long battle against nature, is perhaps intended as a symbol of friendship. Many critics cannot feel that the symbolism is as vivid, or as moving, as it might have been.


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