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There are two parts presented here in the Custom Term Papers section.

First, one of our professional writers explains how to write a term paper, which is how to do well in your academic related fields.

Second, a sample custom term paper is provided to give you a concrete idea of what the genuine custom term paper is and how it should be structured. Although the written custom term paper that is presented here only contains an introduction and a first paragraph of the main body, it offers students an overview of what to expect from the professional custom term papers writing services such as ours.

Custom term papers

Section 1.

There is no orthodox approach or universal answer to this question because students have a number of options to choose from. On the one hand, they may order a custom written term paper from our professional custom term papers writing services and do not complicate themselves with further matters. On the other hand, students may try to learn to compose this term paper of required academic level themselves in order to master the art of term papers writing and professional composing. If students do decide to write a term paper the following scheme suits such process of creative writing the best.First, an appropriate topic is chosen. Some actually believe that choosing a good topic is the most difficult task in the term paper writing process.

Second, a relevant literature overview must be conducted. A genuine and hard working approach must be taken. Remember, students can't write a decent academic paper unless the relevant academic literature is chosen. If one chooses magazines, journals, and books that are too unsophisticated, he or she will not be able to present a topic in a professional manner. If, on the contrary, student select too complex literature for their custom term papers composing, they will fail again because the real meaning of such perplexing topics won't be disclosed. Third, actual writing process begins. Three points are important to take into account here.

A.† Overcoming the fear of the blank page.

B. Preparing an outline for term paper.

†C.Organizing the thought into clear and structured manner.

If students do not know how to begin writing their term paper, they should start writing about anything that comes into their heads; the rest will follow. Once, the writer moves along the composing process he or she must not be carried away by the desire to tell the reader everything he or she knows. Students must adhere to their literature selection and follow the outline, otherwise they will fail in their attempts to compose a professional custom term paper. Finally, students are not advised to use any plagiarized material while writing their term papers due to the following reasons.The plagiarized material may be easily found by the instructor of any academic institution. Such "discovery" will lead to student's expulsion or at least the failure of a course. Furthermore, students will never learn to compose term paper if they continue using plagiarized material and the value of their academic education will be diminished. Good luck to those of you who decide to dare to prepare your custom term paper and sincerest welcome to those smart students who made the right choice of ordering a custom term paper from our professional custom term papers writing services.

Section 2.

Custom term paper Sample essay: Crime in Russia

The new crime wave was due to the enforcement of the Law on Cooperatives, to the wild privatization that followed, and, strange as it may seem, to the decree against alcohol abuse. It was the latter that actually made possible the accumulation of large financial resources that later became the basis for the development of organized crime. In 1985, largely because of the vigorous campaign against alcohol abuse, a vast gray zone emerged, fostering the rapid criminalization of society. The interweaving of government with business did not necessarily take the form of an exchange of power for property. More often, this was a combination of power and property, insofar as many representatives of both the central (i.e., federal) government and local government indulged in business regardless of numerous prohibitions against combining work in the public sector with business activities. In December 1992, over 2,000 people combined work in the public sector with business, whereas in 1991 only 1,000 did so.

Even before the USSR collapsed, most ministries and state enterprises had set up under their auspices a great many cooperatives, which later facilitated the privatization of colossal public financial holdings by simply handing money and assets over to these cooperatives. This was made possible through the enactment of the 1988 Law on the Socialist Enterprise, whereby the management of an enterprise had all the enterprise's property placed at its disposal. The whole Soviet economy immediately turned into a vast gray zone, whereupon it became difficult to identify who possessed what, because transfers of property often remained unregistered. Premises "were handed over under bilateral contracts and virtually privatized, since it was (and still is) hardly possible to expel a commercial organization from the premises it had once occupied" (Cohen 23). Businesses usually made use of all kinds of means to retain their premises, from bribing law-enforcement functionaries to hiring criminal gangs for providing security. A wild redistribution of property began, with its results often remaining unregistered but very well known to all interested parties.

Adopting a law meant virtually nothing unless so-called mechanisms of realization (a hierarchy of secondary acts and instructions) were devised. These were subject to approval by a considerable number of ministries and departments. For an instruction of this kind to enter into effect, it had to be sanctioned by all the departments involved. It was as if the bureaucracy enjoyed a collective right of veto as far as legislation was concerned. Such a practice rested upon a desire to strengthen the power of the local bureaucracy and the federal bodies that provided this bureaucracy with relevant instructions. The procedure of endorsing was actually a guarantee that the real law, that is, instructions, would represent, in a fairly balanced way, the interests of the bureaucracy as a whole and not of an individual department. Thus bureaucratic consensus was reached and institutionalized in society.


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