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Standardized test

Standardized Tests: A Contemporary ViewIn 1900 a consortium of prestigious East Coast colleges and universities known as Ivy League schools formed the College Entrance Examination Board, or College Board. It was designed to address the concerns of students who were required to take different ...


The liquor companies together with the government should come up with a plan that limits alcohol publicity that lead to underage drinking; this should be aimed at targeting the youth below the age of 21 years. Some of the policy recommendations include: Government The courts should allow censorship ...

Arguing against Capital Punishment

In November 1949, Betty Evans and her baby daughter Geraldine were brutally murdered at their residence in London. They had been strangled. Police investigation into these gruesome murders commenced and the top suspect was none other than a 25-year-old Welsh van driver called Timothy. Timothy Evans ...

Characteristics of Program Settings

Program setting is a methodology used to determine in depth the need for human service and to what extent this service meets the unmet needs that are defined. In addition, it seeks to set up the level to which the service is provided as intended and definitely achieve its objectives at a sensible ...

Critical Incident

Initially, it is my intention to utilize the internship opportunity from University Of Queensland provided by the course Professional Development to improve my professional competence, professional skills and career goals. More specifically, through the professional theoretical study in the ...

Design of Goods and Services

Regal Marine is a company that specializes in the manufacturing and marketing of boats. Its product line includes luxury sport cruisers, boats and yachts. Additionally, it sells merchandise such as outerwear, headwear as well as accessories and maintenance of their products. The company uses the ...


Location: students’ shopping centre This is the area in campus where almost all students must visit in the course of the day. Location choosing was strategic and purposeful to be able to observe different students carrying on with their daily duties. Some students are busy perusing through ...

Domestic Violence

This article is a summary of independent and dependent variable of domestic violence and what police have done in response to domestic violence in homes and the evolution of the solving domestic violence in a nutshell. Introduction Domestic violence is a crime and it needs a legal action once ...

Effects of Insanity

Insanity is a condition under which one tends to have serious mental illness. Other related terms are lunacy or craziness. Others call it madness. Mad or insane people tend to do things out of the ordinary. They even hurt others and destroy valuable things. Drugs prescribed to such patients are ...


One of the main targets of business organizations is to maintain a good reputation to the public as well as the customers or clients. Errors are uncertain happenings that ruin the reputation of an organization. Errors may also result in financial losses, loss of customers and other detrimental ...

Exxon Valdez Disaster

The aim of this research paper is to present a summary of the data on Exxon Valdez oil spill in Alaska. This paper will start by presenting a brief summary of the events that took place that day. This will be followed by the overview of the corrective action implemented and list of agencies ...


The case study selected in this report is focused on the organizational structure at Hyundai Car US. The company had the functional way that emphasized the will to have new ideas from employee input. Several critical systems ran within the organization and are primarily a product of development and ...

McDonald’s Polystyrene Case

On 2nd November 1990, McDonald’s made an imperative decision to use a paper-based wrap instead of the normal polystyrene clamshell for its sandwich packaging. This move was expected to reduce the company’s voluminous packaging by a huge margin of about 90 percent. The new wraps would ...

Memorable Experience

People learn from their mistakes and so do I. If we do not learn from what we do wrong, then making mistakes has no positive aspect. I have come to learn this from personal experience, which changed my personality and made me weigh my words before I open my mouth to speak. I am more considerate now ...

Negligence and the Titanic

The R.M.S. Titanic sank in the year 1912 at 2.20 a.m. on a Sunday, April 14. One of the surviving witnesses, Second Officer Lightoller, says that the Titanichit an iceberg off the coast of Newfoundland at 11:40 p.m., and eventually sank at 2:20 a.m. This happened four days after setting sail. The ...

Patient Escort Case

Case Summary            City Hospital, located downtown of the Midwestern city, is a place where both regular and celebrity patients are treated. It has around 1200 beds, run by 4500 personnel. 40 employees have special missions – ...

Pelley’s Case

Jeff Pelly’s case is a typical case that shows what the outcome could be when the forces that we do not make good follow ups and comprehensive investigation. A flop in the judicial system could result in a wrongful conviction (Roman et al, 2008). This paper will analyze the Jeff’s case ...

Powermaster Case

When the G. Heileman Brewing Company decided to market their product, Colt 45 PowerMaster, there were no ethical views considered. Foremost, the newer PowerMaster brand had higher alcohol content than the previous malt brand by the name Colt 45. Their campaign slogan was “Bold Not ...

Pretrial and Trial Process

Jury nullification John and Agatha are both adults in college. John regards Agatha as just her friend. Agatha, on the other hand, wants an intimate relationship with her friend even though John is in love with another lady. One evening Agatha went in John’s room and enticed him into a sexual ...

Roe V. Wade from Conservatives View

Roe vs. Wade is a decision that was made by the United States Supreme Court concerning abortion. The court declared that the right to privacy includes a woman’s choice to abort prior to viability which in this case means the point in pregnancy when the fetus is in a position to live outside ...

Solitary Confinement: Necessary Control

Solitary confinement can be termed as the most ferocious punishments for a crime. People have different opinions about the pros and cons of solitary confinement. The following are the opinions of three of the writers who are in favour of solitary confinement. The author, Ken Strutin, has a ...

The Road to Hell

Short description of the case “The Road to Hell” is a case study presented by Gareth Evans in his book, The Performance Appraisal and Compensation. It involves two characters from very diverse backgrounds, with traits and opinions. John Baker is a successful English expatriate, who is ...

Unfair Dismissal

Unfair dismissal refers to employees receiving termination of their services without proper reasons. There is also an issue of employer terminating services of the employee without proper notice. Unfair dismissal can also happen in a situation where the employee who has a long term contract is ...

ValuJet Flight 592

The crash of the ValuJet flight is a clear testimony of the consequences of laxity on the side of corporations and government institutions. The government bears the responsibility of the overall supervision of all avenues through which the citizens of a country can come into harm’s way. ...

Waiver of Juveniles to Criminal Court

Juvenile waiver is a way of converting cases from those of a minor to that of an adult. This procedure is normally carried out based on various grounds deemed fit by any court of law. Several scholars and authors have provided views about juvenile waiver procedure. This process pushes those ...


Since Wal-Mart announced its influential sustainability goals of 2005, the company has embarked on significant sustainability efforts. As such, this paper seeks to establish the Wal-Mart efforts in addressing sustainability as an imperative entity in environmental awareness. From shoe boxes to toys ...

What Jennifer Saw

Rape cases especially among women are a factor that generally befuddles the manner by which women go about their day to day activities. Although different advices have been given to women as a measure of protecting themselselves against such happenings, some of the approaches are dangerous and tend ...

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