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In today’s complex and challenging business world, motivating employees in the workplace has been an ongoing challenge and study. Motivation is directly associated with an organizations success. The Chief Executive Max Messmer of Robert Half International Inc., states, “Businesses that excel invest in their people, create a dynamic corporate culture and foster an atmosphere of teamwork and collaboration.” (Broker Magazine, 8). To motivate is defined as, “To stimulate active interest in some study through appeal to associated interest or by special devices” (Webster’s). Educating and motivating employees in the workplace is a lot more challenging than most managers believe. Selection and qualifications are key factors in organizational success, and it can be accomplished by using four simple yet effective steps such as: increasing confidence, providing trust, bringing a sense of satisfaction to each individual employee, and maintaining discipline. However, when going about these steps, managers have to first analyze the problems associated with their employees, and their organization.

The purpose of this project is to provide the reader with the understanding of the ways of facilitating faculty managerial development through knowledge management: In a true sense, the purpose of faculty are knowledge managers, which create, exchange, stimulate and disseminate knowledge, the paper examines the virtuous practices in their disciplines to determine how knowledge is best transmitted through the trinity of teaching, scholarship and service. The aim is critical for administrators to provide the resources to departments and the necessary support to foster these interdependent professorial roles of faculty, incentive-based faculty development and professional training is both pivotal and paramount.

Recognition, giving employees responsibility or empowerment, guidance and mentoring. In order to achieve a sense of recognition with organization employees, the organization has to respect their employees, evaluate and reward their employees, and celebrate their achievements. Recognition could be as simple as knowing your employees by face, or better yet by name.

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Also as Elizabeth Kirkland reports, “You have to encourage your employees to do what you actually want them to do” (Mississippi Business Journal). The four most common problems directly associated with employee motivation are: lack of confidence, shortage of trust, deficiency in self-satisfaction, and lack of discipline in a work environment. Thad Green mentions that, “The bottom line: Managers pay a heavy price when employees have a motivational problem” (155).

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