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? Boom in Australia Impact of Oil on UAE’s Economy ?

Custom Culture and Energy Sustainability essay paper samples

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This paper suggests the adjustment of expertise for establishing sustainable energy systems. It also points out the growth of sustainable and decentralized energy sources as a medium for much desired societal infrastructure growth through the formation of renewable energy sources. The subject of clean technology including energy and sustainability has changed over the last decade from the margin to the midpoint of a global economy. Different states have come up with technology and sustainability that is required to attain a significant component of both the background policy and economic growth. This is no longer an inquiry whether this trend will sustain but when large markets will come together and which companies will triumph. Fluctuating prices of energy and existing conditions of the economy have forced investment and operating circumstances in the short run, though the industry players are shifting to push their pace to market benefit (News, n.d.).

The transformation in the energy prototype from fossil to renewable sources of energy, which should be anticipated in the 21st century, is the background to this study. This shift needs the development of alternative energy technologies that make it possible for the establishment of renewable sources of energy, heating electricity and transportation. For Instance, Nigeria’s opportunity to improve the standard of living for its nation and stabilize its economic social and political structure depends on the dedication to raising energy consumption and productivity beginning from the lowest level. The country should center on growth of sustainable and renewable sources of energy. These factors are crucial to determine the well-being of the society and are essential to put into consideration for a stable nation of Nigeria. Sustainable energy improvement is the mean to the growth of the country in terms of societal order, political stability and feasible economy (Sustainability, n.d.).

In conclusion, applying the sustainable sources of energy will stimulate the growth of distributed society infrastructures, which are crucial for the motivation of economic growth and the reduction of societal evils.

Buy Culture and Energy Sustainability custom essay online


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