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Custom SUVs: Safe or Dangerous essay paper samples

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This paper is an attempt about the usability of Sport utility vehicle. Since SUVs have been considered as light trucks and are very much used for sharing same ground with pick-up trucks, they get a chance to be regulated under less strict provision than the daily used passenger cars. There are two specified laws in the United States for transportation vehicles. The first being recognized as the Energy Policy and the Conservation Act for fuel economy, and the second is the Clean Air Act for emissions (Yacobucci, 2003). For SUVs these two are more applicable than any other law. This is the reason that it has been often thought that SUVs are more involved in creating accidents. In opposition to these kinds of point of views, Kim Pittaway came up with some interesting propositions. Thin this paper the approach has been made in reference to the text led by Kim Pittaway on "Terror on the roads". There are three basic propositions forwarded by the author and these are analyzed further in this paper; either to justify or to nullify the same. †

First Proposition: The first proposition is related to the declaration made by Detroit Project. According to this declaration the SUV are encouraging terrorism. The reason that has been forwarded is that by driving SUV the owner is purchasing more gas and that too from countries that are more involved into terrorism. For Kim this is a very vague statement, since all kinds of vehicles on the road are buying gas from the same countries, so there is nothing so erroneous about SUV. The gas consumption for SUV can be huge, yet it cannot be related to the terrorism oriented countries. He further added that the vehicles that creates nuisance in the local areas are to be blamed more than those who are driving SUVs. These vehicle owners should be investigated under law for a more settle and calm environment in every locality. The matter of terror and danger can be created and followed by anyone. Considering SUV as the root to the same is illogical for Kim Pittaway.

Second Proposition: The second preposition is about the usability of SUVs in farms and woods. Kim is very practical in this matter and says that if someone is into the agriculture business or lives in woods, SUV is the best mode of transportation for him. The basic idea is that by the using SUV in these kinds of areas the driver can attain more comfortable life. In the woods or in farms, SUV deals with all kinds of hurdles in delivering appropriate service. This is the reason that the rural and the hilly areas prefer SUVs than any other vehicle. It has got strong structure that supports the user with more comfortable ride. The interior is so well constructed that one can spend overnight in it. In rural areas the maintenance of a vehicle is very hard. But for SUVs, the features are so well built that there is very rare need for servicing and that makes the driver more relaxed.

Third Proposition: The third proposition in the list is all about the basic need for using SUV. It is all about the safety feature that SUV has got. As demanded by Kim, the use of SUV is highly preferred by him. The reason is that SUV is very protective in terms of meeting an accident. With so much trouble on the roads and with the increase in the risk of driving, SUV can offer much safer drives for its owners. In terms of luxury and sophistication there is no comparison with SUVs. Every SUV owner can well stuff his vehicle as per his personal choice. All kinds of safety measures can be added to these kinds of car and that makes the user more safe and free of any hurdle. Being upgrade with modern technology there are all kinds of safety measures added to SUV and thus is highly recommended by the author. ††


It can be well established that the author Kim Pittaway never opposed the use of SUV. The only thing that he tried to focus through his essay is the adoption of safety and comfort through SUV. As for dangers n roads and any kind of encouragement to terrorism, Kim very clearly stated that these are some specific qualities that remain in some kind of human beings. Participation of SUV is no way can be a cause to it. Kim well stated that when an accident occurs; the bigger vehicle gets less damaged than the smaller one, in that case SUV is the lucky one. However people perceive the bigger vehicle as the culprit. As a matter of fact the accident has been led by the smaller vehicle. This clarifies the point that no matter whoever is to be blamed for an accident, the driver and the people in SUV are in much safer condition than any other vehicle and thus so popularly preferred.

Thus it can be well concluded that SUVs are the vehicle for new generation. They are equally sophisticated and are very much safe to own. It is the ultimate vehicle offering, luxury, style and above all safety measures (Frankel, 2006 p35). The issues related to the dangers of terror or accidents on roads depend on the personal user. If someone is careful with the same SUV is the best choice that one can opt for lifetime.

Buy SUVs: Safe or Dangerous custom essay online


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