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? The Renaissance How Can Teachers Help Students to Develop a Sense of Value ?

Custom Health Care Policy essay paper samples

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Statement of problem

In the United States of America, small businesses are known to have contributed enormously to the economy. This is because of the employment opportunities that could otherwise not exist if the small businesses were not in operation. However, the health care system prevailing at the United States of America has not been favorable to the small business operations and operators, as well. Therefore, many researchers have been done by the various scholars on the potential effects of health care reform to small businesses at the United States of America. In this paper, the problem identifies the effects of health care reforms on small businesses at the United States of America.

Research Questions

According to Kronenfeld, 2002  the big question which the many scholars have tried to find answers to it is “How does the health reform affect small businesses at the united states of America?” some of the questions such scholars have used for research include;

  1. What are the possible costs and potential benefits to small businesses in case of reforms?
  2. How will the health reforms affect small business operators’ insurance cover?
  3. Will the health reforms affect operations of small businesses?
  4. Are there potential profits that can result to the small business due to reform?
  5. Is it possible that due to the reforms the small business operators or employees will benefit?

Indeed it is true that the united states of America’s current health care system have not been in favor of the small businesses. As a result, the various scholars after their research have proposed that it is necessary to have reforms to enable the small businesses to minimize costs and at the same time maximize profits. This is because; from the research it has been noted that the over 80% of the small business operators are for the reform. This is due to the fact that the reform will ensure that the employees of the small business operators will be paying Lower Premiums and at the same time gets Higher Quality Insurance Coverage for Health in the Exchange. In addition, the small businesses will benefit from; Tax Credits for due to their Provision of Health Insurance.

Buy Health Care Policy custom essay online


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