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How might an Empiricist Best Test His Subjective Impressions

Empiricism is the rational theory that experience obtained through observation and experimentation is a source of knowledge. From an empiricist point of view, only information obtained by person with his or her sense is of essence when making a decision without further regards to political or religious teachings. This theory gained trustworthiness because of increased experimental sciences in the 18th and 19th century and to date, many scientists are studying it (Clinton).

For one (Empiricist) to best test his subjective impression, one has to base his comments on a duration of pertinent knowledge (Clinton). One has to depict a candid communicative analysis from the professional point of view. In connection to that, there is a list of guidelines to follow.

Firstly, it is recommended not to exaggerate or lie. For a Specialist, it is impossible to serve his or her own self or a clientele best long-term interest by intentionally misstating their knowledge of truth. In several cases, applying such a strategy leads to short lived gains. An authentic professional knows the boundaries of his or her expertise as well as the good use of theoretical forms and tools of discipline (Melchert). For instance, when someone is asked to do something that they do not know, rather than carrying out the task, it is always in the best practice to say, I do not know. It may be hard to say so, but this is the best answer.

Secondly, learn to catch others’ mistakes. Debunking misunderstanding is an important confidential part of a professional’s job. In some fields like economics, this task is very important, because everyone thinks they know something (Melchert). As much as experience is the best teacher, it can also be the worst. This is especially true when it comes to understanding the dynamics of outsized and decentralized systems. Correcting any misconception prior to happening keeps the organization away from problems.

Thirdly, develop skills of a good storyteller. The story of a professional should communicate personally meaningful approach to a decision maker. Applying a metaphor is vital as long as the user maintains the reasonable limits. In simple sense, it is rational to anticipate an executive or anybody not in your area of expertise to be perceptive to the delicate details of your specialization’s analytical structure (Melchert). A supposition-based rationalization will be incomprehensive and unconvincing. In a tandem, a completely evidence based argument could be inclusive and yet not present the general approach. Therefore, the most relevant strategy to choose would be a middle ground approach that involves illustrative anecdotes.

Next, exercise arguing inductively from observations rather than theories. This is more of a fact -finding procedure taking advantage of what the professionals present. It encourages starting point for scientific arguments. Facts and values should be intertwined hence accepting strict neutrality is a lot to ask from professionals.

In addition, broaden the analytical scope – instead of endless phases between timidity and analytical hubris, one need to redefine the setback as a suitable balance. There is enough room for middle path, so as an analyst, one can flexibly internalize learned lessons, accept potential for prejudice, bounded reasonableness and other limitations (Melchert). This type of analysis works self consciously, but not apprehensively for one to earn credibility and trust of the public. An empiricist in this case is the one who accepts that sometimes genuine skepticism exists regarding authoritative knowledge claims and acts as supposed.

Also, develop personal desire to learn something new. Desire to know is something that such great philosophers as Newton, Galileo and Einstein were renowned for. However, it is hard to address it by a philosophical hypothesis that refutes the assumption that knowledge of such kind can be obtained. No one who considered that “knowledge” was simply a “tool for result” would spend many years in pure conjectural research. On the other hand, no one would care to tire himself or herself of scientific research if they were persuaded the following level in nihilistic concept, that scientific “knowledge” is a subjective formation of power connection. If that were the case, then knowledge, which is the desire to know, would tell absolutely nothing about the world or practical results but symbolize power connections. Knowledge allots goods to races, class and gender.

Finally, base your assumptions on secular values. The contingency of secular values is a secular call to strengthen those felt forced by reverence to delicate religious awareness, by the criticism of some believers to question their conviction to a individual attack ( Louis ). A strong critique of religion in the western world has been present for a long time now. However, the atheist’s program is to precisely differentiate the religious spade from a spoon emphasizing the irrationality and contradictions of faith, and explicating religion as a natural occurrence and not discovered certainty.

Conversely, this principled theory for liberty and commitment to mounts critique, as to why the open society is impartially better than a closed, is a hierarchical one ( Louis ). As such, if the theory works, it would persuade everybody to go for a culture with no specific religion or views permitted to dictate law and policy. In this context, citizens would be free to make their own decisions concerning morality and meaning, whereby no person, due to gender, belief, or sex has more rights or opportunities.

Empiricists emphasize that a person’s innate abilities are unique, the mind is born clean and knowledge is acquired from various human experiences. Further, an Irish clergyman George Berkeley believed nothing survives apart from personal discernment and that God’s mind makes possible the obvious existence of material substance. A philosopher David Hume, extended empiricism to the extreme of uncertainty, confirming that human understanding is limited to experience of thoughts and impressions. This makes it completely difficult to tell the truth with total conviction.

Buy Empiricism custom essay online


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