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From Essays to Dissertations – You’ve Come to the Right Place!


Custom-Written Works

With whatever written work you may be struggling, there is an academic writing service that stands ready to help you out.  Whether you are a high school student trying to write an essay about a piece of literature you hate or a Ph.D. candidate requiring assistance for any or all chapters of your dissertation, lionsbreath.ca has the perfect professional writer for you.

High School and Undergraduate Works

Typically, students will face all types of essays in English and composition classes, research papers in social sciences, the sciences, often the arts, and occasionally in mathematics.  In addition, there may be oral presentations based upon research or debates to prepare.  Whatever your need, lionsbreath.ca has the researchers, writers and editors to provide you with a fully customized work, written by a professional degreed in the subject area and fully skilled in creating well-written coherent pieces.  The style and language will be correct for the academic level of the client, and, if desired, each client may submit an example of his or her own writing, so that the style may be even more credible. 

In creating works for students, our writers will adhere to all of the requirements and specifications you indicate with their orders.  You may designate length, number and types of resources as well as citation format, breadth of research needed; you may give a specific topic or a more general one which your writer will assist in narrowing. 

The additional benefits of using the services of lionsbreath.ca cannot be matched by any other academic writing service:

  1. A guarantee of total originality.  Each work is written from scratch.  All research is authentic and actually completed before creating the work.
  2. Communication between you and your writer.  You will know exactly what progress has been made and will have the option to look at drafts and request revisions
  3. When the final draft is completed, it will be sent to you, so that you can review it and request any additional revisions you want.
  4. Your identity and your use of our service will remain completely confidential
  5. Editors will review the work, correcting any grammatical or stylistic errors and scan the piece for plagiarism before delivery to you

Graduate Works:  Theses and Dissertations

We have Ph.D. academicians to assist with theses and dissertations in any content area.  Contact us today for a free consultation.  These major works require top quality researchers and writers, and we have them!  Whether you need assistance with one section or the entire work, we have the perfect researchers and writers for you.  Again, the work will be thoroughly original and customized, guaranteed to be exactly what you need!


Reports are a specialty at all academic levels and in all subjects – book reports, laboratory reports, case studies, etc.  Data used will be verifiable and based upon quality research.

Editing / Proofreading

If you have already written your work but have concerns about its quality, you should use the services of our editors.  You may send your work over to us for a complete review by our expert editors.  This process involves a holistic assessment of overall fluency, coherency, organization and structure.  Any recommended revisions will be sent to you and approved before being made.  The second phase of this process involves a sentence by sentence, paragraph by paragraph review of grammar, punctuation, and word usage, spelling, etc.  We will automatically correct any errors found and deliver back to you the perfected work.

Annotated Bibliography

For papers involving research, we will provide a bibliography of the references used, and the format shall be exactly as you have requested.  Our professionals are familiar with all citation formats and will use the format you designate.

Term and Research papers

When you use lionsbreath.ca to create your term or research papers, you can designate resources to be used, if required, or we will locate and utilize exactly the correct sources for your academic level and for the breadth of your topic.  You can count on us to locate and use exactly the right ones.

Critical Analyses

Critiquing articles, essays and works of other authors can be truly difficult.  You have to get into the head of the author, understand his denotations and connotations, themes, symbolism, etc.  You can give us any piece, and it will be turned over to an expert in the field who can analyze it thoroughly and provide you either salient points to include in your own writing or who will write the entire piece for you.  The choice is yours!

Article/Content Writing

If you have the need for content articles for publication, either in journals or on the web, you can count on our consultant/writers to work with you to create perfect writing, making you an authority and expert in your area. 

Before You Choose Another service, Consider This

  • Our mission is the complete satisfaction of our clients by providing the writing services that make us the premier writing service available for any need.  Our reputation is based upon satisfied clientele.  We do not cut corners, we do not plagiarize, and we do not sell inferior products to unsuspecting customers.  We are focused on long-term relationships with our clients!
  • We will meet any deadline given – no exceptions!
  • Your work will be customized for your need – no “cookie cutter” formats from us!
  • Your delivered work becomes your property and only yours!  You will never see it anywhere else
  • We guarantee complete confidentiality for each and every client
  • Our writers are all thoroughly screened and meet stringent criteria before working for us

Contact lionsbreath.ca immediately!  You can’t find a more professional, ethical, and client-oriented writing service.  Once you have tried our service, you will never go anywhere else!


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