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Writing academic essays

Sound Like You?

It is no secret that, next to the† final exams, the biggest stress for students, from high school through college and graduate studies, is the steady stream of essays, papers, research projects, book reviews, critiques, etc. that are consistently assigned, almost in every class.† You, as the student, have areas of interest and major fields of study. You try to focus on those, but the continuous written assignments from instructors and professors in all other areas can be a major source of stress and anxiety for you.† You need to get some professional help, so that you can focus on your major studies.† You need lionsbreath.ca!

Why lionsbreath.ca?

We are an academic writing service that has gained a first class reputation throughout the English-speaking academic world, as the place" to go " for students who find themselves struggling with virtually any type of writing assignment, whether it is a high school book review or a graduate level research work. We have long-term relationships with the vast majority of our clients, because once they begin to use our services, they remain with us until they complete their formal educations.†

Our business has been built by the following characteristics and practices:

  1. Our services are extremely reasonably priced for the writing services we provide
  2. We guarantee that every piece of writing that is delivered to a client is 100% original, written as a custom piece for each client. It is based upon his or her individual needs and requirements.† Unlike cheaper, dishonest services, we do not keep a database of academic works that are slightly modified and are used over and over again.
  3. We use only English native speakers as researchers and writers - individuals who themselves possess graduate degrees in the vast range of subject fields of any high school or university program.†Most hold graduate degrees and have worked in an academic setting themselves.
  4. No assignment is too small or too large.† We produce everything from basic essays in an English comprehensive course to Ph.D. dissertations and have the variety of researchers, writers, and editors to create these works.
  5. We continue to work for each client until he or she is fully satisfied with order.† Revisions are continually made, at the client's request, until the work is accepted in its final form.
  6. Only one writer or team of researchers/writers is assigned to a project.† Communication between the writer and client is a given, just to make sure that the client is satisfied with the progress made and if misunderstandings do occur they can be sorted out quickly.
  7. We have 24-hour customer service center, in order to quickly respond to any question or issue a client may have.
  8. The number and types of resources required for research work are determined by the client, when appropriate.† Resource citation format and general formatting of the work itself is done according to the client's instructions.

What Sets Us Above the Rest

You can find loads of writing services on the web - this is a blooming business because it is "easy money" for scammers.† Most are set up in foreign countries and use the services of students who do not speakEnglish .† These students search databases for free essays and sample papers on a specified topic. Then with their poor knowledge of English, they have to combine what they have downloaded into some type of academic work for a client.† They are paid very little and produce second-rate pieces for which you will not be able to receive a good grade.† They don't care because they already have your money!† And there is another victim out there to take your place.

lionsbreath.ca has a †big client base of returning customers as well as new customers who have received recommendations from our returning customers.†Our customers return because we deliver exactly what we promise - an entirely original work, created specifically for you, only upon order.†It is scanned for plagiarism prior to delivery, so that you have a guarantee of originality. It is written in formal English by professionals in the content area and is both academically-sound and perfectly composed.

Your Part in the Process

When you place an order with lionsbreath.ca, you will have to fill in detailed order form.† We ask you to give us as much detail as possible, so that we fully understand what you need and can assign the correct writer or team to the project.†

Such details will include:

  1. Topic (if you need the topic narrowed, your writer can do this for you!)
  2. Academic level
  3. Length
  4. Number and type of resources to be used (If you are unsure, your writer will select them based on the topic and the academic level of the work)
  5. Resource citation format required (generally, your instructor or your institution has a required format; if not, your writer will use one that is generally appropriate for the subject field)
  6. Any other specific requirements given you by your instructor or professor.

We will inform you as soon as a writer has been located (usually within hours), you make payment, and the work begins.† You will be able to communicate directly with your writer and with our customer service center at all times.

We deliver your customized, original work by your deadline, complete with title page, outline (if required), and bibliography (if it is a research work).† You have 48 hours to review it and request any revisions - no additional charge!

Use the academic writing service that does it right - use lionsbreath.ca!


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